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Gaga's Raw Radish Kimchi | Box of 6

Gaga's Raw Radish Kimchi | Box of 6

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White Radish Kimchi, commonly known as Ggakdugi, is a traditional Korean side dish made primarily from diced white radish (daikon). This kimchi variety is seasoned with a mix of garlic, ginger and chilli, resulting in a crunchy, spicy, and tangy delight.

This box contains six 420g jars of Gaga’s Raw Radish Kimchi. 

Look After Me Press veggies under brine with a clean utensil. Always keep me cool (0-4°C). I can keep for 3 months if you treat me right. Otherwise consume within 3 weeks of opening.

Fizzy Jar? Lucky You A fizzy jar means you've just opened a real living ferment. Our kraut & kimchi is fermented for at least 3 weeks and are literally bursting with probiotic goodness.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Probiotics are known to aid in digestion and enhance overall health
  • Anti-inflammatory properties that may help in reducing inflammation in the body
  • Rich in Dietary Fibre to aid in digestion and promote gut health
  • Enhanced Bioavailability fermentation breaks down certain compounds in foods, making nutrients more bioavailable – that is, easier for the body to absorb and utilise

Ingredients: radish, garlic, ginger, Korean chilli flakes, raw sugar (food
for the probiotics), salt.

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