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Kimchi With Everything | Box of 6

Kimchi With Everything | Box of 6

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Discover delicious umami flavour with Gaga's Kimchi hamper. This box brings the best of kimchi to your kitchen, adding an extra zing to any meal. Never run out of your favourite condiment again. Gaga's kimchi recipe features wombok cabbage, carrot, fresh ginger, gochugaru (Korean red pepper), garlic, onion, pink mineral salt & absolutely no starter cultures. A spicy umami flavour only achievable through natural, slow fermentation.

This box contains six 420g jars of Gaga’s Vegan Kimchi (our most popular ferment). 

Look After Me Press veggies under brine with a clean utensil. Always keep me cool (0-4°C). I can keep for 3 months if you treat me right. Otherwise consume within 3 weeks of opening.

Fizzy Jar? Lucky You A fizzy jar means you've just opened a real living ferment. Our kraut & kimchi is fermented for at least 3 weeks and are literally bursting with probiotic goodness.

What are the health benefits of eating kimchi?

  • Rich in Probiotics: Being unpasteurized, raw kimchi retains its live cultures of beneficial bacteria (probiotics). These probiotics promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria, which is essential for digestive health. They can improve bowel health, aid digestion, and enhance nutrient absorption.
  • Boosts Immune System: The high levels of vitamins, especially vitamin C, and antioxidants in kimchi help to strengthen the immune system, reducing the likelihood of infections.
  • Improves Digestion: The dietary fiber in kimchi contributes to regular bowel movements and helps prevent constipation. Fiber is also beneficial for overall gut health.
  • Anti-inflammatory Properties: Certain compounds in kimchi, like ginger and garlic, have natural anti-inflammatory properties. This can help reduce chronic inflammation and may protect against some diseases.
  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: Kimchi is a good source of essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, and some B vitamins. It also contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, and iron.


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Best Kimchi I've EVER eaten. I have to ration my servings because I could almost sit down and eat a whole 625g jar in one sitting, it's that delicious.

— Kate Bird