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Organic Power Kraut Sauerkraut | Box of 6

Organic Power Kraut Sauerkraut | Box of 6

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Gaga's Organic Power Kraut is a condiment like no other. Bursting with Australian Certified Organic ingredients, it's the tastiest way to give your dishes a serious boost of flavour and gut-healing goodness. Get your fix with this box of 6 - perfect for pairing with that sandwich or even just eating straight from the jar! This tasty selection of ferments is Australian Certified Organic and ready to elevate all your favourite meals. A delicious, organic solution to your digestive woes with six ferments in each box.

Each box contains: 2 jars of Bavarian Caraway, 2 jars Kimchi, 1 Ginger Turmeric jar & 1 Moroccan Cumin.

Look After Me Press veggies under brine with a clean utensil. Always keep me cool (0-4°C). I can keep for 3 months if you treat me right. Otherwise consume within 3 weeks of opening.

Fizzy Jar? Lucky You A fizzy jar means you've just opened a real living ferment. Our kraut & kimchi is fermented for at least 3 weeks and are literally bursting with probiotic goodness.

What are the health benefits of eating [raw, unpasteurised] sauerkraut?

  • Probiotics: The fermentation process produces live, beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that can improve gut health. These probiotics aid digestion, enhance nutrient absorption, and help maintain a healthy balance of gut flora.

  • High in Fiber: Sauerkraut is a good source of dietary fiber, which is beneficial for digestive health. Fiber helps in regular bowel movements and supports a healthy digestive tract.

  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: It's a great source of vitamins C, K, and B vitamins. Sauerkraut also contains important minerals like iron, manganese, and magnesium.

  • Boosts Immune System: The high vitamin C content, along with other antioxidants present in sauerkraut, supports the immune system and can help in reducing inflammation.

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Thank you for your Turmeric Kraut. It is the best Sauerkraut me and my family have ever eaten.

— Julie King