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Gaga's About Us

Gaga's philosophy is simple:

  • Work with microbes, not against.
  • Our secret ingredient is time.
  • Say no to plastic packaging.
  • Celebrate the flavours of fermentation.

    After catching the fermentation bug at the age of 21, Gaga's founder Blaise Bourke set himself a mission to get gut loving ferments back into Australian fridges.

    Despite the obvious connotations, the name "Gaga's" is not a nod to Blaise’s favourite pop-star. It’s a tribute to his cabbage-farming great grandfather Michael "Gaga" Tobin.

    Since 2014, Blaise has grown Gaga’s from a little stall at Coburg Farmers’ Market to supply independent grocers, supermarkets and health food shops around Australia. Blaise now works alongside his mum Jane, brothers Noah and Jack, and his wife Annie, which has transformed Gaga’s into a family obsession.

    Gaga's Family Shot