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The Reserve Kimchi Collection | Box of 6

The Reserve Kimchi Collection | Box of 6

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Our box of 6 gives you the option to choose between Vegan or Original Reserve, or a perfect mix of both. Order online now for a delicious and customisable kimchi experience.

Gaga’s Reserve Kimchi - Original The initial tanginess of the fermented vegetables is quickly followed by the deep, savory notes of the purest fish sauce on the planet, and wild harvested Tasmanian seaweed. This recipe guarantees a depth of flavour that is both authentic and umami-packed.

Gaga’s Reserve Kimchi - Vegan Our Reserve Vegan Kimchi is meticulously crafted without any animal products, making it an ideal choice for vegans and vegetarians. Sourced from the pristine waters of Tasmania, our seaweed is not only sustainable but also rich in minerals and umami flavour.

This box contains six 420g jars of Gaga’s Reserve Kimchi, either 6 Vegan, 6 Original or a mix of both. 

  • LONG-FERMENT TECHNIQUE: We follow a traditional fermentation process, utilising temperature-controlled rooms (a “kimchi cave”) for optimal fermentation results.
  • FULL-BODY, BOLD TASTE: There is a depth of flavour in our Reserve line that sets it apart. This rich, savoury umami flavour and tangy zing come from our sauce, hand-craft techniques and a long fermentation process.
  • GOOD FOR YOUR GUT: Kimchi is a product of fermentation, and that process results in naturally-occurring probiotics that support gut health and the microbiome. As with all our products, we do not pasteurise our Kimchi to allow full flavour and health benefits to thrive.
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