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Gaga's Ginger Beets Living Sauerkraut | Box of 6

Gaga's Ginger Beets Living Sauerkraut | Box of 6

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Indulge in a ferment that's both a feast for the eyes and the stomach. Dive deep into the rich, earthy flavours of beetroot, elevated with the zing of fresh ginger. Elevate your meals and nurture your gut with Gaga's Ginger Beets Living Kraut. Order your box of 6 jars today and step into a realm of flavour and wellness with Gaga's Gut Loving Ferments.

This box contains six 420g jars of Gaga’s Ginger Beets Living Kraut. 

Look After Me Press veggies under brine with a clean utensil. Always keep me cool (0-4°C). I can keep for 3 months if you treat me right. Otherwise consume within 3 weeks of opening.

Fizzy Jar? Lucky You A fizzy jar means you've just opened a real living ferment. Our kraut & kimchi is fermented for at least 3 weeks and are literally bursting with probiotic goodness.

Nutritional Benefits:

  • Probiotic-rich for a healthier gut and improved immune function
  • Rich in Dietary Fiber to aid in digestion and promote gut health
  • Antioxidant Properties ginger and beetroot are rich in antioxidants
  • Enhanced Bioavailability fermentation breaks down certain compounds in foods, making nutrients more bioavailable – that is, easier for the body to absorb and utilize
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