We Are A Family Business

In the spring of 2014, Blaise Bourke sold his first jar of raw organic PowerKraut at the Coburg Farmers’ Market in Melbourne.  At the spritely age of twenty-one, he dropped out of his Food Science degree to follow his new-found passion for the acidic bite of traditionally fermented, probiotic foods.

Fermented foods may seem like an odd thing to be passionate about at the age of twenty-one, but for Blaise it was simply a natural progression of his long-held interest in cooking, diet and health.

Within a few months of starting, Blaise was providing stores around Melbourne with jars of PowerKraut, aided by his mum and biggest fan, Jane.

Today, the business is run by Blaise, Jane and their brother/son Jack.  Inspired by their cabbage farming great grandfather Michael “Gaga” Tobin, they’re obsessed with making the best living ferments around!

The Gaga's Family