Gaga's Goes Carbon Neutral

This means that any greenhouse gases emitted in the process of making our gut loving ferments have been offset by investing in climate positive projects.

Our Commitment
We are very proud to announce that all of our products are now carbon neutral!
To offset the emissions associated with the glass in our packaging, the transport from our farmers to our kitchen, and all the incidental emissions in between, we have purchased high quality carbon credits through Greenfleet, who sequester carbon through the creation of biodiverse forests around Australia and New Zealand.
Read the full report here.
Gaga's Goes Carbon Neutral
We refuse to use plastic packaging
Wherever possible Gaga's is committed to using alternatives to plastic. You'll notice all our products are sold in glass jars & bottles. From 2020 we also made the change to paper labels across our entire range. 
Gaga's Plastic Free