Real Ferments

This page is here to tell you we're not doing anything hip or new, in fact everything we do is pretty damn old. 

Fermentation is so old that it was happening before us humans arrived on the scene. Since then we have fermented and dry-aged food as a form of preservation whilst improving flavour and nutrition, but somewhere in the last few centuries we stopped caring about these magnificent microbes. 

Food just wasn't really food anymore by the time you accounted for the super refined ingredients and preservatives that went into these edible things.

So we stayed cool and cultured, we went retro, really retro, so retro it could be described as ancient-retro-chic. 


Infographics of production processes. Kraut, Kimchi, ACV (man next to barrel for a long time), kefir.




Describing the difference of Gaga's process and products, graphics. 

Explaining the fizzy factor etc.

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