FAQ Coconut Mylk Kefir

How much Coconut Mylk Kefir should I drink in a serve?

We generally suggest drinking 30ml for serve to start. This allows your digestive system to become acclimatised to the rich profile of beneficial microorganisms in the kefir.

Is your Coconut Mylk Kefir dairy free?

Absolutely! You won’t find any animal products in our kitchen and the only “milk” you’ll find is the milk of baby coconuts!

What’s kefir and how is it produced?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink that has its origins in eastern Europe. It is produced using kefir ‘grains’ which are cultures of beneficial microorganisms. The microorganisms ferment the naturally occurring sugar in the coconut milk to produce a sour, fizzy probiotic beverage!

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